CCR 114: Occult Apocalypse with William Ramsey

DID AMERICA JUST GO THROUGH AN OCCULT APOCALYPSE?! Apocalypse means "revealing" or "unveiling," while Occult means "hidden." The hidden world of satanism and Luciferianism amongst the political elite has been known by researchers into the New World Order for decades. The nefarious activity of those who do deplorable things behind closed doors are the same ones [...]

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CCR 113: Paper Wars and Pizza Gate w/ Sean of SGT Report

DO WE LIVE IN A FASCIST CORPORATOCRACY? And what kinds of evil are the hidden elite involved in behind closed doors? The 2016 election cycle brought with it a new level of fervor and chaos thanks to social media. The division between the independent online source and the mainstream source became wider and wider with credibility [...]

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CCR 112: Revising Reality with Doug Woodward & Anthony Patch

RUSSIA THIS! RUSSIA THAT! WHY IS RUSSIA SUCH A HACK! No really. Why are the Russians being blamed for everything by the United States? Because reality in politics is not real at all. The 2016 election cycle has given us clear evidence that our politicians in Washington D.C. favor their own global agenda, ignoring the [...]

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CCR 111: The Gnostic Conspiracy with Gary Wayne

A CONSPIRACY IS DEFINED AS “...a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.” In the case of the alert and watchful Christian, the word of God reveals the biggest conspiracy of all. An ancient class of divine beings who rebelled against their Creator have conspired to work against the Will of God and His people. Such struggles [...]

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CCR 110: The Geocentric Principle with Rick DeLano

ARE YOU AND I INSIGNIFICANT PRODUCTS OF TIME + MATTER + CHANCE IN THIS EVER EXPANDING UNIVERSE? Are we just meaningless flesh bags in a world that cares not about human purpose or destiny? Is the future miserable? Or are these ideas a product of bad theories built on faulty premises that ignore the raw [...]

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CCNT *Special* “Paranoid Fringe-Type” Part 2 – 8.31.2016

THIS WILL BE THE LAST SPECIAL POST ON THIS FEED. Please make sure to visit iTunes to subscribe to the Canary Cry News Talk Feed! Part 2 of the Paranoid Fringe-type talk of the "Christian terrorist." LINK goo.gl/XWZMrC

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CCNT *Special* “Paranoid Fringe-Type” Part 1 – 8.29.2016

HERE'S THE SECOND EPISODE of Canary Cry News Talk. Make sure to visit iTunes to subscribe to the Canary Cry News Talk Feed! A "Christian Terrorist" is indicted LINK goo.gl/XWZMrC

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CCR *Special* : Canary Cry News Talk “Quantum Lochte” – 8.22.2016

CANARY CRY NEWS TALK is a show that brings frequent updates on news and events happening around the world from an Alt. Christian worldview. Through the CANARY CRY RADIO podcast, we've explored many fringe and alternative topics through the lens of Scripture. We've found that Bible Prophecy, and thus the Gospel,  has tremendous explanatory power [...]

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CCR 109: New World Order Theory for Students with Dr. Darrell Hamamoto

WHAT IS THE ROLE OF ASIAN NATIONS IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER? According to UC Davis Professor Dr. Darrell Hamamoto, it's the same ole' same ole'. Familiar agenda's from the Jesuit run Vatican, the corrupt governments on the modern nation state of Israel and the U.S., and the globalists who aim to rule all of society [...]

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CCR 108: Quantum Computers & Mandela Portals with Anthony Patch

EVER HEARD OF D-WAVE SYSTEMS? It's the worlds largest Quantum Computer company with machines that have been sold to the likes of CERN, Google, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Their Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Geordie Rose, stated in a public presentation that the quantum machines had a sound that resembles a heartbeat. He went on [...]

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